Sermon – “Free Moral Agency” – by Garner Ted Armstrong

Theoretically and as a practical matter we have “free moral agency” in what we do, say and think, in the western world at least. Sure there are civil laws by which we must abide but generally most don’t find them too onerous and we generally regard ourselves as “free”.

What about where God and God’s Law is concerned. Well, many don’t accept there is an all powerful Creator God Who sustains the universe and in particular our planet, making it possible for us to have life. Most of those who believe there is a God who created all things nonetheless believe His Law is done away. So again, “free” they are to do what they want, when they want.

Indeed, humans largely have rejected God’s rule and God pretty much has taken a hands off approach – for now.

What then is the answer? Garner Ted Armstrong discusses that very issue.

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