Sermon – “Forsaken Truth” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, November 20, 1999

There once was a great church, not large by this world’s standards, that had been built up for decades on the Truth revealed to those who became it’s leaders and members. It was a church that eschewed virtually every manmade doctrine of nominal christianity and who practiced the teachings of the Bible. Therefore it’s members observed the seventh day Sabbath, the annual Holy Days, the Lord’s Supper on the 14th of Nisan. They did not believe in an ever burning hellfire, nor that when you die you go to heaven. And dozens of other doctrines of the Bible they believed and dozens of doctrines of men they did not believe or follow.

Then in 1995 the leadership of that church advised it’s members they need no longer keep the Sabbath, they need no longer keep the annual Holy Days in season, they could now go out and feast on lobster and shell fish, pork and rabbit. Presumably also cockroaches, worms and slaters – anything that moved.

In this sermon Garner Ted Armstrong surveys the wreckage and lays out what those people need to do. It’s never too late, till it’s too late. And for the rest it contains timely reminders of the obligations and responsibilities that go along with having proved the doctrines of the Bible for ourselves – it is that we have personal responsibility for our adherence to the Truth of God. We don’t follow the whimsy of a man, but Jesus Christ and the Truth He has opened our minds to understand.

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