Sermon – “Facts of the Crucifixion” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, January 18, 2003

What are the real facts of crucifixion of Jesus Christ? When all of the scriptures pertaining to Christ’s crucifixion and death, both Old and New Testaments are put together, here a little, there a little, line upon line, line upon line

It is the fact that the Bible contains a great deal prophetically about why Christ would die, when He would die, the means of His death and many other details down to the lashes and the drawing of lots for his clothing. That is the Old Testament.

Then there are very many details recorded in the New Testament about the time leading up to His crucifixion, the event itself and the aftermath, both what He did then in appearing to His disciples and many others and what He has been doing since He ascended into Heaven.

Mainstream religion ignores much of it. For example Christ’s claim that the only perpetual sign of His Messiahship would be that He would be DEAD three days and three nights – the same length of time that Jonah was DEAD in the belly of the great fish, be fore he was thrown up on a beach by the great fish and resurrected to life by God so that He might be on his way to do what God had required of him.

So was Jesus Christ was also resurrected to life after three days and three nights – to spiritual life, in order that He could go on and fulfil the roles and tasks that God had before assigned to Him. And He is still doing it today.

Garner Ted Armstrong goes into these things in great and very interesting detail. Around Passover time, but any time really, this sermon is a very good place to start in reviewing what our Lord and Saviour did for us – and why.

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