Sermon – “Europe: America’s Next Enemy?” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, March 22, 2003

For nearly 50 years Garner Ted Armstrong, and his father before him for additional years prior, preached that a United States of Europe would ultimately fulfil the role of the Beast power described in the Book of Revelation and in many other prophecies of the Bible touching on the time of the end, the end of the age and the return of Jesus Christ to put down all opposition and to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Many of the conditions for the formation of a truly United States of Europe, with Germany at it’s head, seemed to have come together in 2003. Since that time the push for a United States of Europe has been relentless. It will happen – with Germany at it’s head and Britain not a participant. And now David cameron has set 2017 for a referendum on whether Britain leaves the EU/United States of Europe. As Ted Armstrong asks rhetorically, how could Herbert W Armstrong and Garner Ted Armstrong have known back in the 40’s (HWA) and the 50’s (GTA) about the rise of Germany and the formation of a United Sates of Europe? Watch the sermon and let Garner Ted explain how.

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