Sermon – “Countdown from Heaven” – by Garner Ted Armstrong

Where are we in world conditions leading to the end of the age, the return of Jesus Christ?

This sermon, delivered in July 2000 may just as well have been delivered in 2019. The course the world was on back then has not changed but as we know, it has got a whole lot worse. What was then a burgeoning European Union with countries lined up to join the path to wealth and prosperity club in the EU, and now the single currency Eurozone, is now an overburdened economic wreck with Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal all lined up for bail outs and harsh austerity measures leading to even higher unemployment, shrinking economies and great social unrest.

In the Middle East the landscape again has not changed except to grow more perilous by the day for Israel, and that means the world. Despots have been overthrown to be replaced by Islamic fundamentalists who hate Israel and the west, especially the USA.

Taken together, and placed in the context of the prophecies of the End Time, the events taking shape in these two vital geographic areas, Europe and the Middle East, there is some sound exposition of what the Bible actually says is called for and Garner Ted Armstrong provides that exposition.

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