Sermon – “Christ’s Cabinet Members” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon

After every National or State election, be it in the United States, Great Britain, Australia or indeed in any country in world – regardless of the outcome – the “new” government has the task of selecting and putting in place the “new” Cabinet of the government consisting Department Secretaries or Cabinet Ministers plus various appointed officials. Hopefully, but not always the various office holders have the requisite training and skills required to fulfil the office to which they are appointed.

Jesus Christ is coming again to establish God’s government on Earth. He is going to need solidly credentialed inner Cabinet, a well equipped outer cabinet and a vast array of governmental officials appointed over nations, states, districts,counties, shires, cities, towns villages. Does He have anyone in mind? Who are the candidates? What attributes will they have? How credentialed are they to run a principled government, based upon God’s Law?

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