Sermon – “Christ the In the Old Testament” – by Garner Ted Armstrong

Could many, if any, of the pastors or priests of this world’s churches preach a sermon on Jesus Christ’s birth, including place and time of birth, ministry, arrest, torture, trial and death and do it all, with many, many details – from the Old Testament?

Jesus Christ could. And so could Garner Ted Armstrong and he does just that in this sermon in which he traverses the many, many prophecies pertaining to the life and death and resurrection of Christ from Genesis to Psalms and beyond – all out the Old Testament. The detail of those Old Testament prophesies is astonishing and al of it confirmed – in the New Testament eyewitness accounts.

If you have your doubts about the authenticity of the Bible, if you think maybe the Bible is the uninspired jottings of a bunch of Jewish goat herders trying to fashion a reason for being (and some critical academic types actually think just that) then perhaps this sermon is not for you as it could be dangerous. It might just change your mind. Then you would have to do something about what you then would know. That there is a God in heaven above, He has a plan and He has told us about it.

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