Sermon – “All About Prayer” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, July 26, 2003

How should we pray? How did Jesus Christ pray? One thing we know for a certainty is that the so called “Lord’s Prayer” is not the Lord’s pray at all. Rather it is an outline of the pray we ought to pray. The “Lord’s Pray” sets out the manner in which all should pray – addressing our Father in Heaven, stating that His name is holy and to be revered, calling for His Kingdom to come. Come where? Jesus Christ plainly said time and time again He was going to return to Earth to establish His Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God. Further we are to ask that God’s will be done on Earth as assuredly it is done in Heaven.

Then we are to ask for, and thank God for, our daily bread (and everything to do with our life). We then pray that God would keep us from temptation – and it’s concomitant – sin. And of course we can lay out all our problems to Him and ask for His intervention – even though He knows what we need before we pray. But He wants us to ask, just as a child asking a loving human father for favour.

Fundamentally we do not pray repetitiously. God will not hear a pray of vain repetition.

The real Lord’s pray is found in Matt. 26:36-42 and John 17.

In this sermon Garner Ted Armstrong expounds the scriptures about pray – Jesus Christ’s pray and our own pray.

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