Sermon – “A Work of Faith” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, November 6, 1999

The true work of God always has been a work of faith. It is the work of proclaiming the true Gospel of Jesus Christ as a witness and warning. It is a work of feeding the flock of those especially called out by God now in this age to repentance and receipt of God’s Holy Spirit.

No true work of God begs for money on TV, radio, in print or face to face. No true work of God badgers, cajoles or stands over the members of the church or the public for funds. Everything, be it tithes, offerings or donations are given freely at the volition of the individual. The scriptures have something to say about when we should give and how we should give but no one checks up. The funds for the Work are there or they are not. God invariably provides.

That is not necessarily at all how the world’s churches operate but is the way God’s church operates and in this sermon Mr. Armstrong expounds those principles especially as they relate to the Intercontinental Church of God and the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association.

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