Sermon – “A Spiritual Virus” – Garner Ted Armstrong, April 24, 1999

With the memory of the Newtown USA, Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre still raw and for some time to come, this 1999 sermon by Garner Ted Armstrong, with it’s premise based upon another school massacre in Littleton, Colorado. An article, “Why Kids Kill” was produced at the time and is available from the GTAEA websites listed below. Here are the introductory remarks from the article:

“Always, in the aftermath of another deadly slaughter of classmates in the latest school massacre, parents, teachers, fellow students and the media plaintively ask WHY? The interviews are as predictable as spring — “But he was such a good kid.” “He was an intelligent, straight-A student.” He was “Just the nice kid next door.” “I can’t believe he would ever do such a thing!” It is amazing how the media and the public can continue to be so totally IGNORANT of the blatantly evident CAUSE AND EFFECT! Here, in no uncertain terms, is the plain truth about WHY kids kill!”

Whatever possessed Adam Lanza to kill his mother, twenty 6 and 7 year old children and a half dozen other adults at the school, it is likely to be identified and found in this sermon and in this article.

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