Sermon – “A Foot Washing Attitude” – Garner Ted Armstrong

Christ left His followers an example that we should follow when each year we meet “in the night in which He was betrayed” and partake of the symbols of His death.

Those symbols are a small piece of unleavened bread and a sip of red wine. Prior to those symbols comes the foot washing ceremony. Christ gave us an example of foot washing. With what attitude should we approach this solemn occasion?

Here is a sermon by Garner Ted Armstrong that sets out properly the facts of the matter and how the Bible insists we approach this day.

This ceremony is undertaken every year on the night of 14 Nisan (Abib). Remembering a day anciently began and ended at sunset. The night therefore was the beginning of a day – a 24 hour period.

This was NOT a Passover meal. The Passover was eaten in Christ’s time, as anciently, in the early night of 15 Nisan (Abib), the lamb having been sacrificed in the later afternoon or evening of the 14th.