GTA TV Ep. #1 / 2010 – “Printing Money” – Garner Ted Armstrong


“Printing Money” – GTA Ep. #1 / 2010 from Garner Ted Armstrong EA on Vimeo.

Since 2008 and the GFC, an essentially European and and American financial meltdown the governments of European Union and especially of the United States of America have become pretty well addicted to “Quantitative easing” – a euphemism for printing money to provide more “liquidity” in economies. Paper money, “confidence money” without any tangible backing to the tune of $trillions in the case of the USA and hundreds of billions of Euros for the EU. All of this is to allow maintenance of current government spending – especially welfare spending and paying off existing debt, while at the same time increasing debt and the interest bill. As some commentators have remarked, it is a giant Ponzy scheme that future generations will be expected to sort out and pay off. GTA sheds some light on how it works – even as far back as 1974 when this program was made.

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