GTA TV Ep. #0202 – “Is the Doctrine of the Rapture True?” – Garner Ted Armstrong

Among the ‘born again’, arm waving set of pentecostals and others a latter day doctrine called ‘the rapture’ sprang up in just the early part of the 20th Century. As a doctrine it is unknown in the Bible. Nowhere is it mentioned. But millions have been duped by this entirely false teaching that offers it’s adherents escape from the prophesied Tribulation at the end of the age. It somehow involves Jesus Christ swooping down from heaven and scooping up His elect just before conditions on the Earth get very uncomfortable. Thus it is supposed that this ‘elect’ will sit out the agony of the plagues and battles below, watching, as it were, from afar.

Eventually, this doctrine opines, Jesus Christ will return to earth to put down the wicked but He will come not just with legions of angels, as the Bible plainly states He will, but with this coterie of the elect who have been safely ensconced in heaven for the duration.

The program discussion and the offered materials show up the falsehood of this pernicious doctrine.

There are many scripts that prove the ‘doctrine’ of the ‘rapture’ a lie. A clever lie to be sure. This program expounds what the Bible actually teaches. You can request the booklet and audio/video sermons offered on the program by calling (in Australia) 1300 885 066, or in the USA (903) 561 7070 or from anywhere email