GTA TV Ep. #0209 – “Is Jesus God?” – Garner Ted Armstrong

Who is Jesus Christ? Who was He before His human birth? According to John 1 and Hebrews 1 He was the Word, the One by whom and through whom all things were made. That means He was the Member of the God Family who wrote the Ten Commandments and many other things in the “old Testament”. That puts a spike through the idea He was just the petulant Son come to do away with the old Father God’s commandments. Garner Ted Armstrong expounds this topic.

The material offered on the program without charge is a sermon titled “Is Jesus God?” on CD and DVD. Also available is a brochure titled “Only a Fool Says There Is No God”.

You can view the sermon “Is Jesus God?” online here.

The article, “Only a Fool Says, “There is No God?” can be read here.

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