GTA TV Ep. #2/2011 – “Is There A Real Hellfire?” – Garner Ted Armstrong

Is there a real hellfire? Lots of religious types from many religions believe there is – an ever burning hellfire, that is. But what does the Bible say? In this program Garner Ted Armstrong carefully goes through the scriptures to lay bare the truth of the matter.

The offered material on the program includes a booklet titled “Is There a Real Hellfire?”, another “When I Die, What Happens Next?” and a sermon titled “Resurrection and Judgement” on CD.

Booklets and sermons can be obtained free of charge by writing to GTAEA, PO Box 232 Sandy Bay Tasmania 7006 Australia or in the USA, GTAEA, PO Box 747, Flint, Texas, 75760-0747 or by calling 1300 885 066 (Australia) and (903) 561 7070 (USA).

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