GTA TV Ep. #0409 – “Just What Does Happen At Death? Is There a Here After?” – Garner Ted Armstrong

Is there anything more important to know than what really happens at death? Millions believe they have a conscious, thinking, seeing, hearing, feeling “soul” within them—that THEY really ARE a “soul”—which will live on in conscious life at the moment of death. We have all been to funerals—sad occasions indeed—where we heard the sobs and crying of brokenhearted loved ones mourning their terrible loss. But WHY MOURN AT ALL if we really believe our loved ones are “in heaven”? Of course, the common belief of millions is that if a loved one is not “saved” when she or he dies, chances are that person is burning in indescribable agony; burning, burning, burning, but never quite “burning up”!

What you are about to read is ASTONISHING, yet the most COMFORTING information you could ever want. Believe it or not, the expressions “immortality of the soul,” or, “immortal soul,” or “souls go to heaven when we die” ARE NOT FOUND in the Bible! What IS plainly stated in your Bible is the real TRUTH about the state of the dead, and about a RESURRECTION from the dead, for BOTH the “just and the unjust”! Believe it or not, there are THREE resurrections revealed in the Bible! Surprising, yet true! Be sure to read carefully, and look up and read for yourself every scripture quoted in your own Bible!”

So is the Introduction to a stunning booklet by Garner Ted Armstrong titled, “When I Die, What Happens Next?”.

The booklet is one of the free offers on this episode of the GTA program.

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