GTA TV Ep. #0406 – “Why Many Deny God Exists” – Garner Ted Armstrong

Millions upon millions of people adhere to the evolutionary orthodoxy and deny that all we see, the Earth, the stars, the galaxies and of course all life on Earth was created by a great creative being – God. Most of those millions would have no clue as to the ‘evolutionary’ mechanism that could have brought about all matter and all life in the absence of divine fiat but that does not bother them. Most ‘scientists’ espousing evolution cannot explain it either. Certainly not with any certainty. After all it is still the ‘theory of evolution’. Not the proven scientific fact. On a par with ‘climate change’ so far as the provable facts are concerned.

So why do so many deny God exists? Part of the answer lies in God’s Law. Well if you believed God does exist and that He has a plan and a purpose and His LAW a person might be forced to think about a whole lot of things about their lives, the way they live, that they would rather ignore. Simply carry on with what they want to do. Other reasons exist of course. But here Garner Ted Armstrong nails the major stumbling block for most.

Brochure: “Here Is Why Many Deny God Exists”

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