GTA TV Ep. #0321 – “Was the Law in Force Before Sinai?” – Garner Ted Armstrong

Many ‘christian’ denominations preach and teach that the “Law” is done away, that there is nothing we need to do to obtain salvation – except believe. The teaching is based upon erroneous understanding of the status of Moses Law, an almost deliberate but false notion that Christ was speaking of the Ten Commandments when he accused the pharisees of oppressing the people with ‘law’, as is erroneously claimed Paul also taught, while ignoring the very words of Christ, ‘not one jot or tittle of the Law will pass away’, that He came not do away with the Law but to ‘fulfil it’ (that is uphold it to the fullest).

The ‘Law is done away” brigade also ignore the fact that Jesus Christ was the Member of the Godhead Elohim Who dealt with Old Testament Israel – Who wrote the Law in stone with His own finger, Who gave the Lw to Moses. He was also the One who formed Adam and Eve and taught them in the garden. What did He teach them? The Law.

As the program demonstrates there are many places in the Bible pre Exodus that illustrate that the Law existed and was known and enforced pre Moses. And there is plain Biblical evidence that the Law, the Ten Commandments remains in force today – even more so since Christ raised it’s keeping to a spiritual plain.