GTA TV Ep. #0312 – “Did Abraham Just Believe?” – Garner Ted Armstrong

The introductory remarks in this program were spoken just shortly after the initial success of the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003. From that perspective they are dated because many years have passed and the long occupation by collation forces, which did not bring peace, has also long ended and the country of Iraq (and Syria) is the subject of extreme violence at the hands of the the Death Cult or Daish, otherwise known as ISIL, ISIS or IS.

However, we have left the intro in the program because it leads neatly to the doctrinal point made by Mr. Armstrong, going back to Abraham. Abraham is the eponymous ancestor of both the Israelite nations of the modern world, including the Jews, and of the Arabs, they being the founders and main Middle East protagonists of the religion of Islam – the religion the Daish claim to be faithfully following and claim to be implementing it’s rule.

But watch the program to see what it is really all about.