GTA TV Ep. #0232 – “The Rapture – A False Doctrine” – Garner Ted Armstrong

Heaven on Earth?

The ultimate destination; the most hoped-for, longed-for abode is heaven. Hundreds of millions confidently believe they will go to heaven when they die. They believe their loved ones who have passed away are there even now. And what a beautiful, wonderful, happy place it must be. Place? Well, yes. Heaven is spoken of as the place of God’s throne. It is where God dwells. It is the place from which Christ came to this earth; the place to which He returned when He was received by His Father after His resurrection. Will we go to heaven when we die? Certainly, there is no more commonly-accepted belief among millions. How STRANGE it is that Christ said “NO MAN HATH ASCENDED UP TO HEAVEN!” Why would He say such a thing? Did He mean such great men as Noah, Job, Abraham, Jacob, and Elijah were NOT IN HEAVEN? You will be ASTONISHED and JOYOUS to learn the TRUTH about where “heaven” is, and where you will be when you are ultimately “in heaven!”

Not only is there the false teaching in christian churches that you go (if you are good) to heaven when you die, but there is the recently concocted and pernicious teaching of a so called ‘rapture’. This ‘rapture’ allegedly occurs before Christ’s return to take His elect to safety in heaven, safety from the Tribulation spoken of in Revelation.