GTA TV Ep. #0226 – “Who or What is the Antichrist?” – Garner Ted Armstrong

“Who or What is the Antichrist?” GTA Ep. #0226 from Garner Ted Armstrong EA on Vimeo.

The Bible speaks of a spirit of Antichrist and the antichrist. The Book of Revelation speaks of the Beast and the false prophet. The program throws some kight on what it all means.

The sermon offer, titled “Who Is The Antichrist?”, is available on tape, CD and DVD. There is also a booklet, titled, “The Mark of the Beast, What Is It?” and the sermon can be obtained free of charge by writing to the advertised address in Australia or in the USA, PO Box 747, Flint, Texas, 75760-0747 or by calling 1300 885 066 (Australia) and (903) 561 7070 (USA).

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