Garner Ted Armstrong – His Life and Work

Garner Ted Armstrong impacted millions of lives in the almost 50 years of his ministry and work to preach and proclaim the return of Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom of God and the World Tomorrow.

Few of those millions who heard Garner Ted on radio, television or read his many Biblically based booklets and articles knew much of his life away from the Work. Garner Ted Armstrong died in September 2003, not long before the Feast of Tabernacles that year. In the brief time between Mr. Armstrong’s death and the Feast, his son, Mark Armstrong compiled and edited this montage photos video and audio recordings of Garner Ted’s life and work. This is a very eye opening look at Garner Ted’s love of family, and his varied interests away from his evangelistic work. But it also contains highlights of the powerful message that he preached for almost 50 years.