GTA TV Ep. #0204 – “Europe and America in Prophecy” – Garner Ted Armstrong

Even today few among so called “Bible” scholars or christians at large have any idea that the modern Jews represent just three of the tribes of Israel – Judah, Levy and Simeon (with a smattering some of the other tribes such as Benjamin – the Apostle Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin). But concerning the other 10 tribes of Israel (Joseph represented by Ephraim and Manasseh) the Biblical historians, the archeologists profess no knowledge, utter ignorance of their whereabouts. Hence they are known as the Lost 10 tribes of Israel.

Well, in fact the identity of the so called lost ten tribes has been known for perhaps hundreds of years. JH Allen’s “Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright” is undoubtedly the best known book on the subject from the 19th Century. Herbert W Armstrong’s “Britain and America in Prophecy” (based in large part on the work of JH Allen) is the most widely read in the 20th Century. More recently the works of Yair Davidy, an Australian Jew living in Israel and Steven Collins, a US historian, reinforce through ever greater secular historical research the plain truth of the identity of modern day Israelitish nations.

But the Biblical mystery is succinctly laid out in the Garner Ted Armstrong book “Europe and America in Prophecy” which also has an expansive bibliography. The book is free of charge to any who request it. In the meantime enjoy the GTA TV program on the subject.