Sermon – “Religious Tyrants” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, November 27, 1999

There were religious tyrants in Christ’s day. They were called the Pharisees. They laid heavy burdens on the people. They were quintessential hypocrites. Christ said nonetheless, do as they say, because they sit in Moses seat, but don’t do as they do.

Every religion, be it a christian based religion, Islam or for that matter hinduism or any of the other religious endeavours will be found with their brand of religious tyrant. Garner Ted pays particular attention in this sermon to various of the religious tyrants that once inhabited the Worldwide Church of God (pre backsliding and post backsliding) and still inhabit many of the offshoot organisations. Garner Ted was right when he said Jesus Christ dealt far more harshly with the religious tyrants of His day than the recent past and current crop have been. This sermon contains some wonderful exposition of Christ’s dealing with the Pharisees and some intriguing commentary on the more recent pharisaical element of the Church of God along with some church history..

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