Beyond the Tipping Point

Beyond the Tipping Point

A combination of innocent ignorance, blind selfishness, and the aggressive pursuit of evil have coalesced on a national scale to push the United States of America, and consequently the world toward a time of trouble beyond comprehension.

You’ve heard it a lot. “Elections have consequences.” Not just national elections, but perhaps even more importantly “ballot initiatives” on everything from “gay marriage” to government funded abortion, to the imposition of laws that not only legitimize but mandate corrupt practices that purchase permanent loyalty to a particular faction.

Knowing that God looks on the heart, and that deception has been employed by national officials and by the mainstream media on a scale perhaps more massive than many of us can appreciate, we can only hope that the weight of the outcome has been mostly due to the innocent ignorance invoked above. But obviously, that’s not the whole story.

Blind selfishness is largely to blame. Tens of millions of guaranteed supporters have been bought and paid for with food stamps, easy access to permanent disability payments, unemployment benefits stretching toward infinity, economic support for illegal alienssubsidies for doomed enterprises operated by corrupt cronies who become personally wealthy squandering other people’s money, and using a share of it to promote their benefactors.

Well, that’s it. Corruption won the electionSin won the electionLies won the election. A plurality of Americans voted in favor of the party of “gay marriage”, abortion, corrupt economic practices, the global warming scam and a ruinous regulatory environment. Thanks to a corrupt mainstream media, complicit in a philosophy that loathes our founding principals, hates the inherent truths and God-given rights enshrined in the nation’s sacred documents, the United States of America is in danger of reaping the whirlwind as never before.

The ayatollahs are thrilledPutin is happy. The communist Chinese regime is breathing a sigh of reliefEuropeans are ecstatic. So is Hugo ChavezHomosexuals are celebrating a rash of victories mandating that their perversion be sanctified under the designation of “marriage” in state after state.

Let the “gays”, the abortion doctors, the illegal aliens and the tens of millions of heathens that hold their little celebrations. They will reap their inevitable reward. Unless we eschew this crushing wave of evil, we’ll be guilty of aiding and abetting.

How do we say or sing “God Bless America” at this point in time? We well know that He will not compromise His Laws. Are we to pray that codified, legislated sin and those demanding it be blessed? The Economist just released an issue with a bold cover headline that reads “Cry, the Beloved Country.” The reference was to South Africa, but might well have been applied to the U.S.A., the nation for which our founders risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, in conjunction with a series of Divine miracles that brought God’s promises to Abraham to fruition.

He kept His promises, and they’ve sustained our nation in spite of our national shortcomings. But the stench of sin and “tolerance” for it is too great now. We’ll see the mantle of His protection removed. We’ll watch in dismay as our enemies gather strength and terrorist entities acquire the ability to inflict enormous damage upon this nation. It is already well underway. The lessons of September 11, 2001 and 2012 have not been learned, and given the results of the choices of a majority of our population, America is destined to reap the whirlwind. The pride of our nation’s power is a thing of the past. The blessings of freedom squandered in favor of the proceeds of corruption. It looked late in the game yesterday, a solid rebound perhaps impossible. Now however, hard as it is to accept, the people have spoken. They want their government handoutsjust like in Greece, just like they do in Spain.

Economic crises are comingInflation will destroy what’s left of the value of our currency. Enemies will be further emboldened by the fact that our national leadership is sympathetic to their hatred for everything that made this country great. It is great no longer, and we’re in for trouble of Biblical proportions. Literally.

Silver linings? There simply are none from any practical patriotic standpoint. Our hopes will have to be directed toward another era, when God will intervene to restore His laws, peace and safety in place of the series of disasters that loom ahead. Many will seek and receive His protection and mercy in the midst of it all. But it appears hope for national repentance and restoration have been drowned in a sea of evil, born of ignorance or an outright love of sin. Either way, the results will be the same.

We will continue to denounce our nation’s proclivity to require the acceptance of evil, its embrace of sin, and warn all who will listen that our salvation will not come from some inspirational politician or preacher. It will come amid grave trials and tribulation. It will come from God, and Him alone.

Mark Armstrong