4 March 2022 – Mark Armstrong Commentary

March 4, 2022

Greetings from Tyler,

Nobody dared ask the question on everyone’s lips.  Both Anthony Blinken and John Kirby held press conferences this week where they took questions.  They didn’t have to answer this one.  How come all the devastating sanctions don’t apply to Russian oil, which the U. S. is consuming at the reported rate of 10% and which Europe is absolutely dependent upon?  When you talk about the Russians raking in hundreds of millions of dollars per day, what else do you want to talk about?

That’s how committed this regime is to the green nonsense.  It’s proud to have stamped out energy independence with renewed regulation and impossible red tape.  But the administration is not about to unleash America’s energy potential, Ukrainian tribulation or not.

Vladimir Putin is proving his harshest critics right.  We hope he’s watching the coverage of the carnage in Ukraine somewhere other than Russian broadcast networks.  The heartbreak of mothers with small children saying goodbye to husbands who are going to fight against the invasion… The air-raid sirens and long hours spent in basements, and almost a million women and children have had to go.  We’re shown other examples of people trapped, terrified that they can’t get out.  All they wanted was to live in peace.  They posed no threat to Russia.  But Putin thinks he has justification.  He must be watching Russian TV.  Or is what we’re watching an accurate analysis?

Ukraine has been described as a piggy-bank for money laundering.  Some pretty big names are implicated.  There’s word that the pretender’s family is hip deep.  It’s a tragedy all right, with all the civilians caught in the middle.  Putin doesn’t want the New World Order on his doorstep, and there’s a female member of the Ukrainian parliament, hair and make-up done with an AK in her hand saying she’s ready to fight for the New World Order in Ukraine.  So, who’s crazy?

But maybe somebody up the chain dropped the ball.  It doesn’t help that we’ve got leadership, squinting hard at words he didn’t write with that far-off look of wonder.  Let’s hope somebody knows what they’re doing, but things have gone seriously south since the disputed election.  With quarantines, mask arguments and vaccination mandates, it’s as if our own government has turned inward.  They’ve become more interested in lecturing us about what we better do next than managing the U. S. posture around the world.  It seems patriotic Americans had already become the primary target.

Forget the real enemies of peace.  They’ve had the luxury of chasing everyone around, knowing the “right” thing for everybody to do, and a lot of people, maybe a majority, bought in to it.  The media preached day and night to a diminishing audience, hair on fire.  It was all covid, all the time.  That and the “deadly insurrection” on January 6th.  Even with the harrowing stories, the bomb blasts and the reality of a war that could go wrong, they still bang on about vaccinations.

John Kerry is one who is actually too easy to lampoon.  In fact, he does it to himself, having become the caricature of a wizened diplomat.  He’s really concerned that the war may divert attention from the threat posed by “climate change.”  That term covers all the bases.  They can never be wrong, no matter what happens.  The comedy is that their posturing has some effect on the actual climate.  Now that’s laughable.  Buffoons don’t know when to quit. That goes double for Al Gore.

Beyond those jokers there is nothing funny about what’s taking place, played out in great detail on every media outlet.  The news outfits that had fallen way out of favor now are eyewitness to the details, the rubble, the explosions and the miles long Russian convoy.

          CBS has a piece playing now, about how cruel it is in Ukraine for “transgenders.”  This poor guy in a blonde wig worries that his “identity” no longer matches his passport.  The “rainbow” lifestyle doesn’t cut much mustard in Ukraine.  They’ve made life miserable for guys like him.  But don’t expect him to join any volunteers fighting the invasion.  No sir.  He’s a woman now, one who claims to be in fear of his life.  He might just remove the wig, but that won’t work either.  The music is haunting, but the dude is dancing in his kitchen to cope.

We’ve heard tell that Ukraine has been a no-man’s-land where large sums of U. S. dollars have been sent to promote things we’d rather not know about.  Critics say that some notorious operators have taken advantage of the situation, and the squinter in chief is implicated.  It’s a little unnerving, having the gang that can’t shoot straight in charge of whether WWIII gets touched off.

You know the situation in painful detail.  A decision has been made that the U. S. will not do anything to drive Putin over the edge.  He’s already made dark threats against anyone who would “interfere with his military operation.”  It’s hard to understand his goals.  He’s definitely destroyed his reputation.  Ukraine has a lot that Russia can use, whether or not the strategic arguments are valid.

Desperate women with children are all over our media, begging and pleading for things that would likely mean the destruction of civilization.  But we mustn’t upset the GREEN AGENDA.  They’re so impressed with this religious ideology, though it makes no sense!

One last thought.  What about the tyrants right here at home?  What about the ones in Canada and Australia?  At least they didn’t bomb or shoot anybody.  They just made their towns and cities look like a neutron bomb went off.  May we survive them all with God’s help.

Mark Armstrong