31/5/24 – Mark Armstrong Commentary

Greetings from Tyler,

By now you know what has happened with the trial in New York. The Judge will have the weight of the world on his shoulders deciding what to do. Thirty-four felonies? And what was the crime? The idiots who dreamed this up are celebrating, for the moment. Wouldn’t you hate to be in their shoes though?

It’s astonishing how great Trump’s attitude is. Some people have had just about enough, but Trump is keeping his chin up. They can celebrate, and they better enjoy it, because they’ve turned the guy into a martyr. “Show me the man…” It would be easy to ridicule this trial on so many levels, but I’ll let you do that. The fact that the judge has a daughter that is raising money should be a factor. But this has national consequences, and I’m not sure the bad guys have thought this all the way through. Maybe Trump is calm and collected, but everybody else is starting to get irritated.

“Will the GOP really persist with a convicted felon into the November general election campaign with a convicted felon as its nominee?” The left is having its field day. They get to call Trump a convicted felon from now on, and not many chances will be missed. There’s other news around the world, most of it bad. We’ll see how this plays out on the world stage, but it’s likely that world events are being affected by the possibility, the probability, that Biden won’t be the top guy through the end of the year. I don’t think he is now. It’s a good thing we can’t see behind the scenes.

The headlines can call him a convicted felon ‘till the cows come home, and they’ll relish it. The crimes he committed? Some paperwork, done by his staff? But they’ve thought this is the way to tarnish the guy in the minds of voters. Some analyst told them it was a sure thing, and they believed it.

All over the world, it looks like the prevailing dogma is falling out of favor. They’ve been preaching the gospel of global warming against all logic. It seems they want to put us back in the stone age to save the planet. We’re just the masses. Our opinion doesn’t count, or that’s what the globalists think. It’s starting to fall out of favor, and not only here.

Every third world dictator had to weigh their plans against a vigilant United States. Not any more. The pretender has fixed that. We’re not the only ones who see the gaffes, the pratfalls, the pitiful turnout at the campaign rallies if you can call them that. People are getting fed up with the status quo.

The pretender couldn’t be happier. The Bible has something to say about unjust judges. Maybe we should just hide and watch. If it’s God’s intention that we deserve to fail, then we will. I for one am hoping we haven’t offended Him to that degree.

They’re acting like God’s blessings can be overruled, now that they’ve got the entire media and major corporations singing their song. Apparently they don’t know that we despise their mandates and refuse to comply. They think they can win over the masses with their heavy-handedness, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work. If they hope to survive, they’d better successfully steal the next election, and hope for the best.


P.S. You know the Gaza pier, the one that was supposed to make it possible to deliver humanitarian supplies? It’s been destroyed by natural causes. Imagine that!