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Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 18 Oct 2013

18 October 2013 Greetings from Tyler, As expected, all resistance collapsed, and the great government shutdown has given way to business as usual.  Apparently not a dime will have been saved as furloughed workers will be paid for the down-time.  In fact a headline today suggests all the government agency types are in line for a raise! […]

Weekly Update – 24 May 2013 by Mr. Armstrong

Greetings from  Tyler, If you thought last week that things were moving rapidly along the lines of Bible prophecy, you were right.  This week there is more.  In fact news came later last weekend of the German  Chancellor’s meeting with the pope at the Vatican.  The public statements they made in the immediate aftermath of […]

Weekly Update from Mr. Armstrong – 3 May 2013

Greetings from Tyler,   It would be hard to better illustrate what is happening to our once great nation, and consequently to some of the most important regions on earth than the onslaught of news currently vying for our shortened attention spans. We’re constantly forced to look deep into the soulless eyes of terrorist monsters, […]

Does Jesus Christ Support Capital Punishment?

Does Christ support the death penalty? In Norway at the moment a trial is underway for Anders Behring Breivik. He stands accused, and freely admits to, the shooting and bombing deaths of 77, mainly youthful, Norwegians. And what is the potential penalty for this outrage? 21 years imprisonment – tops. Seventy-seven individuals murdered – potential […]