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Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 14 December 2018

Greetings from Tyler,         Even though the French “protesters” and rioters were said to have “won” with last week’s capitulation on the timing of fuel price increases, mayhem among Paris’ most iconic symbols is ongoing.  Maybe the riots were about more than the immediate price of fuel.           The mainstream news says it’s all about […]

CHRISTMAS, Hiding Magnificent Truths

CHRISTMAS Hiding Magnificent Truths by Jim Josephsen It is becoming ever more apparent these days, as the commercialization, marketing and pageantry of Christmas increases; principal religious elements associated with the day continually diminish, seemingly consigned as remnants of bygone eras. Christmas and the Christmas season have become the impetus behind many annual marketing campaigns, with […]

Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 21 November 2014

Greetings from Tyler, It was another major step in the ongoing transformation of America. After six years of presidential arguments insisting an Executive Order suspending deportations and conferring legal status on illegals would be unconstitutional, unlawful, inappropriate and impossible, last night all those declarative statements were swept aside by a flat, “I have the authority”. […]

Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 31 Oct 2014

  Greetings from Tyler, Have you seen enough evidence in your neighborhood that Halloween is about to be “celebrated”? Costumed little children will likely be ringing your bell saying “trick or treat”, because as everybody knows, it’s just a harmless opportunity for the kids to dress up and have fun. Only a few houses along […]

Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 19 September 2014

19 September 2014 Greetings from Tyler, It seems that our lives are destined to be punctuated with the antics of religious butchers for the foreseeable future. You’ve heard of the plot foiled (hopefully) in Australia where 800 Police descended on the premises of suspects in communication with ISIS leaders, planning to behead a random citizen […]