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Free and Confident – Commentary by Mark Armstrong

A Mark Armstrong commentary: Angela Merkel has doubled down on Germany, and Europe, continuing to accept an unlimited number of refugees from Northern Africa and the Middle East. She’s just said that Europe’s strongest response to the ongoing threat of further terror attacks on European soil is “to carry on living our lives and our […]

The Red Cup Controversy

The Red Cup Controversy by Jim Josephsen As though there are not more pressing, serious concerns confronting the world today, somehow the outright lunacy of the recent red cup controversy has made the internet and news reports, leaving many to contemplate the logic of Christians these days. Perhaps you have read or heard of the […]

Weekly News Review by Mark Armstrong – 20 November 2015 – Reviewing US and World News With a Prophetic Significance

Greetings from Tyler, It looks like the terrorists are on a roll now. We’ve watched dumbfounded as countless thousands swarmed into Europe, knowing full well that they had to be infiltrated with Islam’s true believers. How could the vast majority be young able-bodied men, and neither Angela Merkel nor Obama be the least bit concerned […]

Weekly News Review by Mark Armstrong – 6 November 2015 – Reviewing US and world news with a prophetic significance

Greetings from Tyler, London was turned into anarchy last night with thousands of protesters holding what they called the “million mask march.” Anarchists wearing the now familiar, sneering, Guy Faux masks vandalizing the downtown, battling with police on horseback, shooting fireworks at them and even making a move toward Buckingham Palace. They call for revolution. […]

Evolution….A Whale of a Tale!

  EVOLUTION… A WHALE of a Tale! Evolutionists say all life began in the SEA! You and I, they say, began as a simple, one-celled organism which resulted from a “chance strike of lightning in a primordial soup of methane and ammonia!” Those simple cells ultimately became sponges, then fish, then mammals, which came ashore, […]