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Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong 27 October 2013

25 October 2013 Greetings from Tyler, You would be hard pressed to come up with a derogatory adjective that has not already been applied to America’s lunge toward socialist health care.  Although mandated under penalty of fine, the “product,” whatever that might be is all but universally unavailable to most who have attempted to inquire.  Meanwhile, private […]

Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 18 Oct 2013

18 October 2013 Greetings from Tyler, As expected, all resistance collapsed, and the great government shutdown has given way to business as usual.  Apparently not a dime will have been saved as furloughed workers will be paid for the down-time.  In fact a headline today suggests all the government agency types are in line for a raise! […]

Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 11 October 2013

Greetings from Tyler, We knew our country would become unrecognizable if transformational policies continued to be implemented.  And we were right.  Will anybody ever look at a park ranger the same way again after seeing how they’ve behaved in implementing the administration’s policy of “making things as difficult as possible” for Americans from coast to […]